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Answer Questions and Generate Documentation using AI & Your Team's Past Conversations.

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Trufle answering questions in Slack

Your team spends too much time answering questions and searching in Slack.

Slack is great for communication. But many teams struggle to find answers to questions and will often ask the same questions over and over again.

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People ask questions, Truffle answers
Truffle generates summaries of Slack conversations

Your Slack conversations become documentation, easy-peasy.

Truffle utilizes cutting-edge AI to generate documentation from past team conversations, making them easily searchable for everyone.

Grow your knowledge base automatically.

Important conversations are automatically summarized and searchable whenever you need them.

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Super simple pricing.

Truffle can be added to a single Slack channel for free. For unlimited channels, the premium plan is $199/month with a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.


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  • 1 channel
  • 15 answers per month
  • Upgrade message
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Per Month


  • Unlimited channels
  • Use in private channels
Free 14 day trial



  • *For non-profit Slack communities
  • Unlimited channels
  • 50 answers per month
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Awesome Features

Maximizing convenience and minimizing setup effort

AI-based answers

Multi-layer model to ensure that the answers are relevant and insightful.

Smart discovery

No additional setup required to make your knowledge available.

Knowledge base

Previously answered questions are stored and searchable in a separate knowledge base.



Questions Answered

In engaging conversations and leading
to better knowledge transfer across people.

in 6 countries

From large enterprises with 17 thousand employees to career-centered slack communities.

Our AI-based solution has been trusted by diverse set of organizations.

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