What is Truffle?

Truffle is a Slackbot that detects important conversations that exist in your Slack workspace, building a knowledge base automatically from those threads. It then uses this content to automatically answer questions, surfacing these threads when someone asks a question in a channel.

You know how it seems like there are a lot discussions that happen on Slack, and they just get buried in other noise really fast? Truffle is here to solve that problem, making information retrieval automatic, so your team’s questions get the boost of built-up knowledge they need.

important content

You start by adding Truffle to a channel. Truffle then goes through that channel and scans for information that it thinks might be helpful in the future.

adding truffle to a channel

When someone asks a question in that channel, Truffle will check its knowledge base to see if there’s something that could be helpful. If it finds something, it asks them if they would like to use Truffle to help answer their question. The question still gets posted into the channel, but they have the ability to get answers immediately from Truffle.

truffle answering

Truffle then messages the user directly with threads that it thinks are important. They can click on the link provided to be taken right to the thread.

Why Truffle?

Truffle is different from other tools because it is automatic. It’s time consuming to write documentation, but people will happily chat in Slack about important topics and come to decisions. These decisions are tedious to document, and more often than not they simply don’t make it off Slack. With Truffle, these conversations can become useful long after they have taken place, without any kind of manual intervention. Your team can just go about their daily work, and Truffle will present them with the knowledge they need, when they need it.

Truffle is free to try for 30 days

Truffle use cases

  • Internal IT or HR support teams, where many people are popping in to ask a common question that has been answered before. Questions about hiring, ordering new equipment, or finding resources can be quickly answered by Truffle.
  • New team onboarding, where a new hire is bound to ask many questions that have straightforward answers. Having Truffle in a channel for new hires will give them the opportunity to both ask their question and get help immediately.
  • Sales or product enablement, where people from other departments have questions about product features or feature development.
  • Engineering support channels where design decisions, big and small, are discussed. These decisions may make it into documentation, but that doesn’t mean that someone searches the company wiki first. Truffle can help engineers find where to look and who to talk to about a decision.

Live Demo

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ, ask a question directly in the chat window on this page, or email hey@truffle.bot.